Non-standard package

This transport offer concerns:

  • consignments that are larger than standard (circumference of over 300 cm)
  • consignments that are heavier than standard (over 50 kg)
  • bicycles, scooters, motors, cars
  • TV sets
  • furniture
  • pallets

Transport of large items is possible only from Poland to Ireland or Ireland to Poland, respectively.

Transports from Poland or Ireland leave at the end of each week, the time of delivery is from 5 to 14 workdays.

Orders are accepted via the notification form available on our website, consignments are collected from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Electronic equipment (speakers, TV, etc.) should be sent in their original packaging properly prepared for road transport by the manufacturer. If the packaging is not the original packaging, the client shall assume the responsibility for the proper preparation of the consignment for transport.

All building material, including finishing and decorative materials such as tiles, precious stones, plasters etc. must be in their original packaging securing the goods for road transport. All the aforementioned goods shall be dispatched at the risk of the consignor.

All furniture is sent flat pack and in the original packaging of the manufacturer to ensure safe road transport.

When sending a bicycle, please remember to set the handlebar parallel to the frame, to put the saddle all the way down and to secure moving parts in order to enable the contractor to ensure safe road transport (a bicycle thus prepared should be packed in cardboard, wrapped in foil, reinforced with adhesive tape and carry the legible address of the receiver). If possible, bicycles should be sent in their original cardboard packaging.