All rates are in Euro, no extra costs. Door to door service.

Price list is for standard parcel (up to 300cm in overall), f.e. 50x50x100 (2 x hight + 2 x width + 1 x lenght).
Other countries and non-standard shipments available on request.

We offer discount for 5 and more parcels sent in an order:

  • 5-10 parcels – 4%
  • 11-15 parcels – 6%
  • 16 parcels and more – 8%

Additional fee of 10€ will apply for shipments which cannot be sorted automatically on belts and have to be sorted manually (f.e. irregular shape).

If shipping or delivery address is on an island (not mainland) additional fee of 35€ per parcel will apply.

If parcel is to be sent from/to the Switzerland- additional fee of 25€ per parcel will apply (customs duty).