Our offer also includes removals.

For transports of larger amounts of standard packages in one order, we offer discounts depending on the number of the consignments (5 and more).

On the route Poland-Ireland, Ireland-Poland we offer pallet transport at the following prices:

  • Euro-pallets 120x80x180, weight up to 400kg – €286
  • Euro-pallets 120x80x180, weight up to 600kg – €335
  • Euro-pallets 120x100x180, weight up to 600kg – €414

Loading and unloading is performed by the client. The delivery time is from 5 to 14 workdays. In order to confirm the possibility of transport on the aforementioned route or other routes, please contact us to verify the specific locations.

For the route Poland-Ireland-Poland we also offer a van for rent. The van has a cargo area of 12 m3 and a load capacity of 1.3 tons. You can rent the whole van for € 1500, or half of the van for € 750. Please place these orders several days in advance in order to book the date and the service.

Despite all our efforts, we cannot ensure removals from any place on a given route. Therefore, please contact us by phone before placing the order so that we can confirm service availability for the region you are interested in.